Seen at Ambiente 2018

Nawrap towels

Creator: Maruyama Fiber Industry
Location: Hall 1.1 by stand D86A at the Japan pavilio


Nawrap is a product from the company Maruyama Fiber Industry which is spotted at Ambiente in hall 1.1 by stand D86A at the Japan pavilion. Nawrap is a manifestation from the trend ‘Use it or Lose it’. The trend is about using natural waste to create new products and to reduce the amount of waste. It also includes the experimental touch with different kinds of techniques and materials.

Nawrap has towels that are infused with binchotan charaocoal, which makes them naturally antimicrobial and anti-oder. They use a Japanese weaving technique with multiple layers to ensure that the products remain durable.

This unique way of weaving and infusing bichotann characoal into the fabric makes it a perfect fit with the trend ‘Use it or Lose it’. Another feature about the Nawrap towels is that they are very breathable, water absorbent and soft. When frequently using the towels they become softer and softer.

The products from Maruyama Fiber Industry are a perfect manifestation of the trend  ‘Use it or Lose it’. They experiment with the material bichotan characoal and make sure the products are durable.
Nawrap is all about traditional high quality fabrics and are durable and soft. This fabric dries quickly and is perfect for using at home. If you like Nawrap and you want more information about it, please go to their website:

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