Make The Unknown Known

What it is

In a society in which we become increasingly healthier but also increasingly ill, there are developments that focus on the prevention of diseases. Research from Isala Clinics in Zwolle shows that there is an increase in the number of allergies. More people are being tested positive for different types of allergies (Herderschee, 2017). The research team from ‘Gezondheidsplein‘ think that is because we are vaccinated more often, we grow up in a cleaner environment and much more changings we made in our lifestyle. As a result of this enormous increase, more research is being done into prevention options such as food allergies.

Nima saw an opportunity to respond to this problem. When people with a food allergies come nearby food they are always wondering if food is safe to eat. Nima tries to take away the uncertainty with the gluten and peanut sensor Nima (n,d).


Why it is Cool

Nima is trusted science in your pocket. With the Nima sensors, you can test your food for allergies. At Nima they say:

“Food is love, eating together brings people together and food is essential to health and happiness.”

For people with allergies, meals can make a time anxiety instead of sustenance. At Nima, they remove the anxiety from your plate. Let the Nima sensor take the first bite and have a careless meal. The sensor works very easy. You can put a food sample in the capsule. Insert the capsule into the sensor and press start. In a few minutes shows Nima you if there is gluten found or not.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

The Nima device is bringing peace of mind at mealtime. For now, it is only for gluten and peanuts, but what if you can put any kind of allergy in this device. With the increase of positive tested people, there are also more allergies to deal with. On the packaging are often only the allergens that occur the most. But people are also allergic to food which is not allergenic. With the Nima, you can make the unknown known and maybe in the future you can have a personal taster for all types of allergies.

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