Animal Free-Milk

What it is

The company ‘Perfect Day’ creates a better way to make dairy proteins. They use the same nutritious proteins found in cow’s milk without the help of a cow. A Team from three young entrepreneurs have a mission: that everyone can enjoy dairy foods while making the world a kinder and greener place. Figures from ‘Zuivelonline‘ show that we eat about 95 kg of milk products per person. That is about as much as 2 calves of 1 week old together.

Are you also curious where the name ‘Perfect Day’ come from?

“As two scientists discovered, dairy cows who listen to soothing music like the Lou Reed song ‘Perfect Day’ are calmer, happier, and produce more milk. -Perfect Day”

Why it is Cool

How is it possible to make milk without the use of a single cow? Perfect Day has developed a process similar to craft brewing. Using yeast and age-old fermentation techniques, they make the very same dairy proteins that cows make.

They cultivate the yeast to produce dairy proteins with the help of science. After that, the yeast needs to graze to produce dairy proteins, for that they use sugar from renewable sources. Then the age-old fermentation process is next and then…There are dairy proteins.

Perfect Day dairy products offer the same exceptional nutritional and culinary benefits of dairy protein for use in foods that we love such as yoghurt, milk, cheese and ice cream.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

The eco-footprint can be reduced with the development of this process. We have been learning from nature for years. That mother nature is our teacher is centuries old. But to create something new and something better with a few things as possible is not self-evident.

But what if we no longer need animals to make our products? What happens to these animals? Do we then have an abundance of animals that no longer have a destination? Or get they a new destination?

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