Your face is the doorway to your future

What it is

We all do it daily, swiping. We swipe for food, love, work and all kinds of products. But how will swiping look like in the future? Are we still stuck with mobile-friendly thumb applications or do we only have to look at our screen and can we only see what really suits us?

To go deeper into swiping for work, startups have been making a lot of progress designing tomorrow’s job market, and a new standard has begun to emerge and edge out the classic job application. The HR-tech market is growing rapidly with, for example, Personal AI advisors and video-interviews with algorithms fathoming your personality.

There are companies such as Stella that screens its candidates through AI and links them to suitable jobs. Another company is Newton “The smartest assistant for your job search” or Wade & Wendy (Wade the career advisor, Wendy the hiring assistant), share their AI with you to search a job and plan your career through relevant chat talks.

But the Belgium-based startup Facelytix tackles it differently. They want to assess people by combining video technology and analytical processing via AI. Facelytix ambition is the development of the assessment of the future. They intend to achieve this by combining non-verbal behaviour and its correlation with personality, through the combination of video and AI into an easy-to-use assessment tool.

Why it is Cool

What makes Facelytix so interesting is that they look at micro-expressions in our faces. When we talk, micro-expressions in our faces give away information. The faster-flashing eyes. The slightly raised eyebrow. They appear in a fraction of seconds. They are uncontrollable.

With the techniques, Facelytix uses you won’t have to swipe endless for the perfect job and wait for months to get any reaction. And the company doesn’t have to crawl through an endless pile of curriculum vitae and do time-consuming talks that end up with a recruiter following his gut.

But how does the assessment tool work?
The recruiter can directly email an invitation to a candidate from the Facelytix platform. The next step is that de recruiter has to select the level of detail of the report. Finally, the recruiter has to be well-prepared for the job interview because knowing a candidate’s personality allows you to quickly focus on their full potential.

For the candidates, they get a 10-minute test in their inbox. The test consists of 6 questions and 30 seconds answering time per question. No need to dress up sharp. What counts, are your facial expressions, not what you wear or say. After that, the technology takes it over.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

From now on HR can no longer only be considered as a human branch. Through the HR-tech, promising startups can make the job search and the application process more objective, with the same, inclusive criteria that apply to everyone.

Facelytix is doing a big research to realize it all and Mid 2018, the first version of the platform will be released onto the market.

If we take these techniques one step further in the future, we may have to swipe more and more for infinite until we have the right match. We can decide within five minutes what we really want tonight for dinner and we do not have to date infinitely and we no longer have to deal with broken hearts. In short, these are interesting techniques to keep an eye on and they on you.