Quid Feci?

What it is

Quid Feci, a cutlery collection designed by Daniël van Dijck. Daniël is a young designer who works with different materials in an intuitive and experimental way to achieve his unique designs. The unique and handmade products that are formed by experimenting with materials such as glass, precious metals and ceramics, make his designs tangible impressive and aesthetically demand attention.

Why it is Cool

I can tell you more about his collection, but it means more if you hear it from Daniël himself. Watch the video and learn more about his special collection.

You saw in de the video that Quid Feci has a special meaning for the designer. This gives the cutlery an extra layer. Also is Quid Feci not only a cutlery that transfers food to your mouth, but it also stimulates the touch by its structure. Daniël says, if you use Quid Feci you pay more attention to the moment.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

Daniel uses different and new techniques to achieve extraordinary designs. You can also see in the video that he mixes ceramics with peas to make a vase. As soon as the ceramics are baked, the peas in the oven burn and you get a unique relief. Every design is therefore also different. If you have a real Daniel van Dijck, you have a one of a kind.

What difference can Daniël van Dijck make in the future?
The starting point of the designs of Daniel van Dijck is an exploration of the history of an object and, the way it has been used over the years. Van Dijck plays with the assumptions people may have when approaching a piece of furniture or an object by using unconventional materials or conventional materials in a renewed way.