Mutant Materials

What it is

Imagine that your new furniture shapes itself after you take it out of the package and it gets to room temperature. The men of Zwart Frame have immersed themselves in the expansion or shrinking of various materials at temperature differences. They used this phenomenon in a new design, Conflict. This was shown during the Mutant Matter expo of Dutch Invertuals in Milan this year.

Who is Zwart Frame?
“Zwart frame is a Utrecht collective consisting of five makers in art and design. Passion for the process of the makers and materializing ideas brought us together in an organic way and forms the basis of our collaboration. As five members we support each other in individual processes and we combine our expertise in collaborative projects. ”


Why it is Cool

Conflict is about materials that expand through temperature differences. But how does it work?

The circle, which can be seen in the photo on the left, changes by exposing it to the ambient temperature. The white inner circle is only 3 centimetres larger than the metal ring. By cooling the plastic circle to minus 80 degrees, the circle shrinks just enough to fit exactly into the metal ring. By exposing the circle to the ambient temperature, the circle starts to expand. This locks itself and reforms the metal framework into an almost square shape.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

Mutant material creates a supernatural future. Normally people play with the materials of nature, but in this case, nature takes over from humans.

In the process of ceramics, this method of product development can be looked at. In this way ceramics comes to life and in which every product is unique because it is handmade, it can now also be influenced by its environment which can make it even more special.