Blood memorial

What it is

About half of the people in the Netherlands who die choose to be cremated. This number is still rising. If you are cremated you can choose to scatter the ashes. As a result, the surviving relatives no longer have a memory of their loved ones, but perhaps there is a solution for both …

Basse Stittgen experiments with blood. Blood tells a thousand stories and every story is full of meaning. They speak about heritage, mysticism, aversion and ultimately about life and death. In this project by Basse, he investigates the possibilities of blood as a material. The objects that have been made from it play an interaction between the strong symbolic meaning of blood and its physicality.

Why it is Cool

Basse Stittgen has made a product line of waste blood from slaughterhouses. All objects he has made consist 100% of blood without additives. The blood that is used is processed into powder and then pressed and finalized.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

What if blood is the solution for both. We have an average of six litres of blood in our body that has no function after death. As mentioned earlier, if the deceased wants to be scattered, the relatives no longer have a memory of their loved ones. This can change with Basse’s project. What if we can mix blood from our loved ones with ceramics and that, for example, we can have a nice tableware made from it. The deceased can be commemorated by more family members and everyone has a piece from their loved ones.