Shopping with your facial expressions

What it is
How can we ensure that every purchase is an experience that we will not forget very quick? Adidas has commissioned technologist and creative designer Behnaz Farahi to create an emotive display case designed to showcase concept shoes. The design called ‘Mesolite‘. It is named after Mesolite crystals, which it closely resembles in its appearance. Mesolite is a project that investigates how technology can be used to measure facial expressions in order to promote social interaction in shopping experiences.

Why it is Cool
Farahi has designed Mesolite to engage viewers by following their facial expressions and responding through a series of tubular LED lights that come alive and develop their own character.

How does Mesolite work?
In the Dream mode, the LED lights keep a white flickering effect until a face is detected. Once he has detected it, you will see red ripples that evolve into fast flashes, as long as it can detect a happy expression. If a customer responds with a shocked expression, the lights will emit red breath-like movements. After detecting someone’s face, in the middle of the display, in this case, the concept shoe, comes forward.

To show how Mesolite works, the designer shows what kind of experience it is

Why it has Future Growth Potential
Shopping has risen to a different level with Mesolite. What can this mean for the retail future? Are we going to consume more emotion and that for a long-term effect?

It is a fact that the purchase of a product only results in a short-term cancellation of the reduction, because the product itself is not the object of desire, but symbolizes. This creates a vicious circle of desire -> buying -> using -> disillusionment and disappointment -> new desires.

How can we seize the moment of that emotion and ensure that the emotion remains reflected in the product? So if, for example, we had our first date with the love of your life, how nice would it be that I can buy the service that we have dined together. Or that I can buy the recipe for those delicious chocolates that I got for my 50th birthday of an aunt from Australia. Can we catch and cherish the emotion that comes with consuming products and thus break the vicious circle.