Auto F*ck

The Autonomous car is the revolution from the 21th century. But are we ready for it? It will change the way we live, travel and work in cities. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to disrupt all industries. If our car can drive themselves we can do a lot of other things while we are on the road.

Instead of keeping attention on traffic, we can have meetings while we on the road, or have dinner or use it as an moving hotel and travel the world in our cars. What would you do when you free from the task of driving?

Researchers in the United Kingdom just released a paper in the journal Annals of Tourism Research (ATM) that details how self-driving cars may affect urban tourism. In the paper they said that sex is a part of urban tourism and that driverless cars could be a boon for the sex industry.

I can hear you thinking; ‘what have autonomous cars and sex in common?!’

Well, another thing we can do when we do not have to drive a car, is having sex. If you assume that an autonomous car is a private room on wheels, it is quite logical. A study shows that more than half of Americans have had sex in a car.

In the ATM researchers note that private autonomous cars may also be put to commercial use. Maybe in the future we have the Amsterdam’s Red Light District on the move. Scott Cohen who led the study says; It’s not impossible or that far-fetched to imagine the Red Light District on the move. Prostitution doesn’t have to be legal for this to happen. Plenty of illegal activities happen in cars.’

I think that autonomous vehicles hit the market in 2030, because for now some legal, safety and privacy obstacles standing in the way of companies bringing self-driving cars to market today, the world is going to be much different.

The possibilities for  autonomous vehicles are endless, but there are still many questions that remain unanswered. But whether people are going to fuck in them feels like less of a question and more of an inevitability. Of course, that would require you to first choose to trust the machines. Unless the fear turns you on.