A life underwater

Maybe are the myths that Plato wrote not so crazy. Perhaps in a few years, we will see the sunken city of Atlantis up close. With the rising sea level, this can become a reality.

This year during the Dutch Design Week there were again beautiful projects to admire. One project jumped out: Amphibio. Amphibio is a gill garment for our aquatic future, said Jun Kamei the designer of this garment.

The weather is getting more and more extreme due to climate change. We are dealing with extreme heat waves, powerful hurricanes with all the consequences. Our sea level is rising. This, for example, has consequences for the property market. Property in coastal areas is more likely to be flooded, so prices have fallen by more than 14 billion since 2005.

It does not only have consequences for the property market, but also for the people who live there. If the sea level continues to riste the water continues to creep up and down the country. There is a point that we can not move further into the country to settle there, so we have to embrace the water.

Maybe over fifty years our half world is a part of  Atlantis and live both, under and above water. Amphibio is a gill to support amphibious life. It is designed for a future where humankind live very close with water. It has to provide daily comfort to people who spend as much time in the water as on the land.

Amphibio makes it possible for us humans to breath underwater, without the big gas tanks. The gill garment, that is inspired from water diving insects, is made out of porous hydrophobic material which supports underwater breathing by replenishing oxygen from the surrounding water and dissipating carbon dioxide which accumulate in the system.

The scenario of living under and above the water seems far away, but who knows we will need this Amphibio in our daily lives in a few years. For now, this product may offer a solution for the divers among us who would like to explore the underwater world.