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One size fits none

As technology is rapidly changing the world around us, many people worry that technology will replace human intelligence. Some educators worry that there will be no students to teach anymore in the near future as technology might take over a lot of tasks and abilities that we have been teaching our students for decades


Blood memorial

Basse Stittgen experiments with blood. Blood tells a thousand stories and every story is full of meaning. They speak about heritage, mysticism, aversion and ultimately about life and death. In this project by Basse, he investigates the possibilities of blood as a material.


Quid Feci?

You saw in de the video that Quid Feci has a special meaning for the designer. This gives the cutlery an extra layer. Also is Quid Feci not only cutlery that transfers food to your mouth, but it also stimulates the touch by its structure. Daniël says, if you use Quid Feci you pay more attention to the moment.